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Agency Responsible for Managing STL:

Arizona State Land Department 

Commissioner/Director Title & Name:

Vanessa Hickman, State Land Commissioner

Contact Information:

Phone: (602) 542-4621

1616 W. Adams Street
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Original Trust Land Grant:

10,900,000 acres1

Current Trust Land Holdings:

9.3 million acres

Trust Beneficiaries:

  • Common Schools
  • Normal School
  • Agriculture & Mechanical Colleges
  • Military Institutes
  • School of Mines
  • University Land Code
  • University of Arizona
  • School for the Deaf and Blind
  • Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Buildings
  • State Hospitals
  • Miners' Hospital
  • State Charitable, Penal, and Reformatory
  • Penitentiary


In FY 2012, there were 10,309 surface leases, and 1,083 subsurface leases active on state trust land, accounting for nearly all of the available acreage. These leases brought in a total of $41,155,989, while product sales, including public auction water sales, lease water charges, mineral royalties, and natural products, brought in $172,062,810, with some additional revenue from trespass violations and settlements. Total revenue from state trust lands in FY12 was approximately $213,218,800. Approximately 90% of all revenue generated by trust land goes to the Common School Trust, and is classified as either permanent or expendable receipts. Revenue gained from sales of both of state trust lands and natural products are directed to the Permanent Fund, while revenue from leases, permits, and interest is directly distributed to the beneficiaries. The primary beneficiary of the fund is K-12 schools, with other public education institutions, public hospitals, jails, and state buildings receiving smaller amounts.2

Link to Most Current Annual Report

1ASLD website -
2 All data from Arizona FY2012 Annual Report.

For additional information on Arizona state trust lands visit the Children's Land Alliance Supporting Schools website.