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Agency Responsible for Managing STL:

California State Lands Commission
Mineral Resource Management Division
Land Management Division 

Commissioner/Director Title & Name:

Jennifer Lucchesi, Executive Officer

Contact Information:

Phone: (916) 574-1800

100 Howe Avenue
Suite 100 South
Sacramento, CA 95825-8202

Original Trust Land Grant:

5.5 million acres

Current Trust Land Holdings:

468,600 surface acres, 790,000 mineral acres

Trust Beneficiaries:

State Teachers Retirement System; School Land Bank Fund


Historically, 95% of all revenue is generated by mineral resources, which include geothermal, solid minerals, and oil and gas programs. The rest of the revenue comes from surface programs, which include land exchanges and sales, the acquisition of lands, alternative energy programs, agriculture leases, grazing leases, roads, and oil and gas pipelines. Revenue generated on these land from royalties, leases, and interest goes to benefit the State Teachers Retirement System (STRS). The revenue from the sale of school lands is channeled into the School Land Bank Fund (SLBF). In FY 2012-2013, a total of $9,569,623.80 was transferred to the STRS, while the SLBF had a year-end balance of $1,725,620.18.1

Link to Most Current Annual Report

1Data from the Annual Staff Report on the Management of State School Lands: Fiscal Year 2012-2013

For additional information on California state trust lands visit the Children's Land Alliance Supporting Schools website.