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Agency Responsible for Managing STL:

Colorado State Board of Land Commissioners 

Commissioner/Director Title & Name:

Bill Ryan, Director

Contact Information:

Phone: (303) 866-3454

1127 Sherman Street
Suite 300
Denver, CO 80203

Original Trust Land Grant:

4.5 million acres

Current Trust Land Holdings:

2.8 million surface acres, 4 million mineral acres

Trust Beneficiaries:

  • Public Schools
  • Public Buildings
  • University of Colorado
  • Colorado State University
  • Penitentiary
  • Salt Springs
  • Internal Improvements
  • Hesperus Trust


Currently, the primary revenue producing activity on Colorado's state trust lands is mineral bonus income. These, together with coal royalties, agricultural rental income, and commercial revenue make up the major sources of base revenue for the trust. In FY 2011-12, a grand total of $146,309,539 was generated. This revenue was split between the various beneficiaries, with the primary beneficiary, the public schools, receiving $131.5 million towards its Permanent Trust. The remaining $1.3 million was divided amongst the other seven beneficiaries.1

Link to Most Current Annual Report

1All data from the Colorado State Board of Land Commissioners Income and Inventory Report Fiscal Year 2011-12

For additional information on Colorado state trust lands visit the Children's Land Alliance Supporting Schools website.